Hemp Seed Health Benefits

7  Proven Benefits For Health Through Hemp Seeds + 5 Recipes

Hemp seeds are a superfood that is often used as a high quality and vegetable source of protein.

Hemp seeds are not only a good source of essential protein, they also have many health benefits. You have 7 proven health benefits that are covered in this article.

I conclude the article with 5 wonderful hemp seed recipes, which you can try out directly.

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What is hemp seeds?

Be high with hemp seeds?

Nutritional value of hemp seeds

Health benefits of hemp seeds

1: Plant source of essential proteins

2: Hemp seed is extremely nutritious

 3: Healthy Hormone Balance

4:A healthy Digestion

5:A Good Night's Sleep

6: Lowers the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

7: Good For The Skin

Further health benefits of hemp seeds

Insufficient evidence in cancer, psychosis and MS

Hemp seed helps with weight control?

Dangers or side effects of cannabis seeds

How much cannabis seeds a day?

Buy cannabis seeds

Eat hemp seeds

Disadvantages of hemp seeds

Hemp Seed Recipes

Hemp Seed Recipe 1: Walnut Hemp Seed Bites

Hemp Seed Recipe 2: Green Hemp Seed Smoothie

Hemp Seed Recipe 3: Hemp Seed Pasta

Hemp Seed Recipe 4: Hemp Seed Pudding

Hemp Seed Recipe 5: Hemp Seed Energy Boost

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What is hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds are the seeds of the hemp plant. Strictly speaking, hemp seeds are a nut variety, so they also have a slightly nutty flavor.

By squeezing out hemp seeds, you get hempseed oil and the mass left over from the squeeze is very rich in protein. This mass is the basis for hemp protein powder.

In addition to the hemp seeds, the hemp seed oil and the hemp protein powder is also sold as superfood.

Hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids and hemp protein powder is rich in essential amino acids.

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Be high with hemp seeds?

cannabis-bladI want to disperse from the beginning possibly existing concerns regarding the consumption of hemp seed as superfood. If you use cannabis seeds, you do not have to worry about getting out of the drug test or maybe you can not drive your car anymore.

Hemp seeds contain only negligible amounts of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana). The concentration of THC in cannabis seeds is so low that the consumption of normal amounts of hemp seed will have no effect (source, source).

In Canada as well as in the USA it has only been allowed for about 10 years to sell hemp seeds for consumption. Before that, cannabis seeds were banned as a result of the strict laws relating to luxury foods.

Nutritional value of hemp seeds

The nutritional values ​​(husked) hemp seeds vary by brand, but are quite close to each other.

Here are examples of nutritional values ​​of hemp seed from the supermarket.

Nutritional value of hemp seeds

Energy2580 kJ (625 kcal)

Fat 53 g

of which saturated6 g

Of which monounsaturated 9 g

thereof polyunsaturated 38 g

Carbohydrates 3 g

of which sugar 3 g

Fiber  3.5 g

Protein 31 g

Salt 0 g

Hemp seeds contain many vitamins and minerals. Which of these are exactly, can not be determined based on the packaging in the supermarket. However,

I did some research on this and came up with the following average values ​​per 100 grams of peeled hemp seeds:

Minerals Hemp seeds

Minerals Hemp seeds

Mineral Pro 100 grams of hemp seed

Calcium145 mg

Iron 14 mg

Magnesium483 mg

Phosphorus1160 mg

Potassium 860 mg

Zinc 7 mg

Vitamins hemp seeds

VitaminsPro 100 grams of hemp seed

Vitamin A3800 IU *

Vitamin B10.4 mg

Vitamin B20.11 mg

Vitamin B32.8 likes

Vitamin B60.12 mg

Vitamin D22.77.5 IU *

Vitamin E90 mg

* IU stands for International Unit. 400 IU = 10 micrograms (0.01 milligram)

Health benefits of hemp seeds

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 1: Plant source of essential proteins

Hemp seeds are considered a complete source of protein because they contain all the essential amino acids.

What makes hemp seeds so special is the fact that they are one of the few plant sources for all the essential amino acids.

Essential amino acids are amino acids that the body can not itself produce from other amino acids and therefore need to be ingested through food.

Hemp seeds ideal for vegetarians and vegans

Hemp seeds are therefore an important dietary supplement for vegetarians, vegans and anyone who wants to eat less meat.

Is absorbed well by the body

Hemp protein is also easier to digest than protein from other plant sources, such as Nuts, cereals and legumes (source).

The amino acids in hemp seeds

The following amino acids are contained in 100 grams of hemp seeds:

Amino Acids Hemp seeds

Amino Acid Per 100 grams of hemp seed

Alanine 1.28 grams

Arginine3.10 grams

Aspartic acid2.78 grams

Cysteine ​​0.41 grams

Fenylalanine 4.57 grams

Glutamine1.14 grams

Histidine 0.71 grams

Isoleucine 0.98 grams

Leucine1.72 grams

Lysine1.03 grams

Methionine0.58 grams

Penylalanine 1.17 grams

Proline1.15 grams

Serine 1.17 grams

Threonine 0.88 grams

Tryptofan0.20 grams

Tyrosine 0.86 grams

Valine 1.28 grams

Other sources of protein that can be considered complete are of animal origin, such as meat or chicken. Hemp seeds and quinoa are the only plant foods where the proteins are completely present.

Recommendation of vegetable protein sources

plantaardige-eiwittenBecause our Western nutritional scheme has enough protein, health organizations (source) recommend more often to replace animal protein (partially) with vegetable protein sources. Hemp seed is very good for this. Hemp seeds can easily sprinkle over the salad or mix in the yogurt or a green smoothie.

Hemp seeds contain a very high content of protein for a vegetable protein source. Only soy beans contain even more protein. The protein of the hemp seed can be taken much better than that of soy beans.

Hemp seeds contain 31 grams of protein per 100 grams.

The role of protein for our health

Proteins are the building blocks of our muscle and body cells and thus play an important role in muscle recovery, muscle building, our general resistance to pathogens and in our hormone balance.

 2: Hemp seed is extremely nutritious

hennepzaad-in-de-oudheidHemp seeds have been an important food source for millennia in many cultures. Nevertheless, only in recent years, the nutritional value of hemp seed and its potential as a dietary supplement was examined more thoroughly.

Composition of hemp seeds

Hemp seed is made up of 30% fatty acids and 25% protein. The rest are fiber, carbohydrates (3%), moisture, vitamins and minerals. Above all, the amazing composition of the fatty acids makes the hemp seeds a superfood.

Essential fatty acids

Hemp seeds contain mainly two essential fatty acids in larger quantities: linolenic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid) and alfa-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid).

The beauty of cannabis seeds is that the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are present in a healthy ratio of 3: 1 (source).


Hemp seeds consist of 30% fatty acids and also contain gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in addition to the fatty acids already mentioned. Under the influence of vitamins B3, B6 and C, GLA in the body is converted into prostaglandins 1 and 3. These have anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive and also have a vasodilator effect. It also slows down cholesterol production (source).

All fatty acids in hemp seeds

Here is an overview of all fatty acids that are present in hemp seeds:

56% linoleic acid (omega-6)

22% alfa-linolenic acid (omega-3)

9% oleic acid (unsaturated fatty acid)

5% palmitic acid (saturated fatty acid)

5% gamma-linolenic acid (one unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid)

2% stearic acid (saturated fatty acid)

3: Healthy Hormone Balance

pms-klachtenGamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in hemp seeds has a hormone-regulating effect on the thyroid and pancreas. It can reduce the symptoms of hormone imbalance such as Symptoms related to menopause and PMS. These include mood swings, depression and signs of fatigue (source).

Incidentally, the study of improving menopausal symptoms was conducted with rats.

Evening primrose oil, GLA and PMS

In another study (source), in which women were given evening primrose oil, the symptoms associated with PMS were found to be diminishing. Evening primrose oil, like hemp seeds, contains a high concentration of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

GLA and weight gain

GLA also regulates the hormones involved in feelings of hunger and weight gain, e.g. Insulin. However, there is no scientific evidence that cannabis seeds would help to lose weight or maintain weight.

4: a healthy digestion

Hennepzaad-in-Hemp seeds are a good source of fiber. In cannabis seeds are both insoluble and soluble fiber in the ratio 4: 1.

Insoluble fiber in hemp seeds are important for good bowel movements and prevent diarrhea and constipation (source).

The soluble fiber ensures a delayed uptake of glucose and thus prevent strong eruptions of the blood sugar level (source). Avoiding high blood sugar levels also prevents the body from producing too much insulin, which is important in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes and maintaining a healthy body weight.

5: a good night's sleep

slapenAs you may have noticed in terms of the nutritional value of hemp seed, these are especially very rich in minerals such as magnesium. Magnesium has a lot to do with the production of hormones that affect our sleep patterns (source).

Under the influence of magnesium, the body can release serotonin, which is converted into melatonin in the brain. Melatonin plays an important role in our sleep patterns and is often the key to a healthy night's sleep and solving sleep problems.

6: Lowers the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Nitric oxide in our body ensures that the blood vessels relax and widen. This results in a lowering of the blood pressure and thus also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases (source, source). Cannabis seeds contain a high concentration of the amino acid arginine, from which the body can produce nitric oxide.

Anti-inflammatory effect of GLA

As already mentioned, hemp seeds are rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is associated with an anti-inflammatory effect. An anti-inflammatory effect is important in the fight against cardiovascular disease (source).

Lowering the blood pressure

In a scientific study was also shown that supplementation with hemp seed leads to a lowering of blood pressure (source).

Avoiding blood clotting

A 2007 study found that cannabis seeds can help prevent blood clotting, helping with thrombosis, strokes and heart attacks.

7: good for the skin

mooie-huidOne people with eczema have found that cannabis seeds can provide them with better blood levels for essential fatty acids (source). Fatty acids play an important role in the immune response of the body and are therefore useful to people with eczema (source) or other skin conditions, such as dermatitis. dry or irritated skin (source) very important.

Also because of their healthy ratios of 3: 1 between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, the consumption of hemp seeds can have a positive effect on the skin.

Further health benefits of hemp seeds


For this article, I've researched a lot about the health benefits of hemp seeds and these seem truly inexhaustible.

Hemp seeds are made up of many different minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids. By listing the associated health benefits for all of these minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, or amino acids, you get an almost infinite list of benefits.

For example, hemp seed is good for memory, and its omega-3 fatty acids and hemp seeds also help lower cholesterol levels.

However, in this article I have focused on those health benefits that make cannabis seeds quite unique, so this list of heal However, if you miss an important and proven health benefit of hemp seeds here, then write us in the comments.

Insufficient evidence in cancer, psychosis and MS

cannabis kanker Some websites claim cannabis (or cannabis) can prevent cancer or help with psychosis and MS. There are indeed indications that cannabis may be a preventive measure against these diseases, but the scientific evidence for this is still insufficient and insufficiently studied to be sure.

So far only in mice the effect of Phytocannabinoiden on cancer cells was scientifically determined (source).

Hemp seed helps with weight control?

Hemp seeds are often touted as dietary supplements for weight loss. However, I have not found any scientific proof that you can actually lose weight with hemp seed (if you find what you are looking for, then share it with us in the comments).

Favorable effect on the hormone balance

The fact is that the fatty acids in the hemp seeds support a good hormone balance. The fatty acids in the hemp seeds play e.g. also in insulin balance a role. A healthy hormone balance is an important prerequisite for losing weight (burning fat).

Longer feeling of satiety through protein

Another fact is that cannabis seeds are high in protein. Protein can help you lose weight. Protein provides a longer lasting feeling of satiety after a meal, which does not make you feel like having a snack in between.

Longer saturated with fiber

Hemp seeds are also rich in fiber. These also provide a longer satiety effect after eating and a feeling of having satisfied his hunger.

Rich in calories

All in all, hemp seeds have some good properties that can help you lose weight. However, this is against the fact that cannabis seeds with 625 kcal per 100 grams are very high in calories.

Hemp seeds could be supportive

Incidentally, if you want to lose weight, there are plenty of other foods that have equivalent supportive properties. In my opinion, cannabis seeds can help you lose weight if it is part of a balanced diet.

Dangers or side effects of cannabis seeds

HennepzadenIn the medical literature, there are no cases in which people would have suffered allergic reactions from the consumption of hemp seed.th benefits is not ‘complete' either.

Due to the contact of the hemp seeds with the hemp plant, traces of THC can remain on the hemp seed. In rare cases one can therefore experience an ‘intoxicated (high)' emotional state through consumption. However, this is not harmful and can only create an unpleasant feeling if you are not prepared.

How much cannabis seeds a day?

People with sensitive bowels are advised to slowly increase the consumption of hemp seeds. On the first day you should start with just a teaspoon and watch how your own intestinal tract reacts to it.

Beware of hypersensitivity to THC

Even people who are very sensitive to THC (the substance in marijuana that makes you high) are advised to start with a small dose of hemp seed. Although the amount of THC in cannabis seeds is extremely small, it can vary by brand, manufacturer or crop.

In addition, the hemp seeds may have come in contact with the hemp plant, which may have left traces of THC on the hemp seed.

Hemp seeds as protein source

Adults who use hemp seed as the (most important) protein source are allowed to eat 50 to 75 grams of hemp seed per day. Since cannabis seeds are rich in fiber, you will need to be careful enough to drink to avoid constipation. If you want to lose weight, make sure that hemp seeds contain a lot of calories.

They contain 625 kcal per 100 grams due to their high content of fatty acids.

Hemp seeds for its health benefits

If you want to use hemp seeds for its health benefits, 1 to 3 tablespoons of hemp seed per day is enough to benefit from the healthy health effects.

How many cannabis seeds are children allowed to eat?

Even children are allowed to eat cannabis seeds. The concentration of THC in cannabis seeds is so low that you will not notice it.

Children are allowed to eat 25-40 grams of hemp seeds a day.

Buy cannabis seeds

You can buy ah-hennepzaadHemp seeds (peeled) in many natural food stores, but also in various supermarkets or online shops.

Buy organic hemp seeds

In organic food you will certainly find organic hemp seeds. And also in supermarkets biological hemp seed is often sold. The same applies of course to web shops.

Buy hemp seed oil

hennepolieIf you want to use hemp seeds for its healthy fatty acids, you can also buy hempseed oil. Organic hempseed oil can be purchased in certain specialty stores, supermarkets and online. The oil is not heated above 42 ° C to preserve all nutrients.

Buy hemp protein powder

If you only want to use hemp seeds because of the proteins, you can also buy hemp protein powder instead of hemp seed.

Hemp protein powder has a protein content between 30% and 50% per 100 grams. The fat content is slightly lower than that of hemp seeds: about 10%, which means the powder has fewer calories.

Hemp protein powder can also be bought in supermarkets or webshops.

Eat hemp seeds

Hemp seeds have a mild nutty taste and can be processed in numerous dishes.

Hemp seeds peeled or unpeeled?

hennepzaad-gepeld-vs-ongepeldMan can eat hemp seeds with (unpeeled) or without shell (peeled). Unpeeled hemp seeds contain more fiber and also a little more nutrients. The downside to them is that the hard shells can get stuck between the teeth.

Unpeeled hemp seeds are also slightly cheaper than peeled hemp seeds.

Hemp seed can be eaten by stir a few tablespoons through its yogurt or smoothie. You can also sprinkle it on the salad or in a soup.

hemp milk

hennepmelkMan can also drink cannabis seeds by preparing a hemp milk. Hemp milk is a good substitute for anyone with cow's milk allergy or lactose intolerance and is also a great alternative for those who simply want to drink less milk.

Recipe # 2, later in this article, describes how to make a hemp milk.

Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil can be used just like olive oil with the exception of the roast. Hemp seed oil has a fairly low smoke point (165 ° C), making it unsuitable for frying.

Hemp seed oil can be used as a base for salad dressing or it can also be mixed into its smoothie.

Hemp seed meal

With hempseed flour you have countless possibilities to integrate the hemp in your food. You can make bread, pancakes, pizza, crackers or biscuits.

But baking is a bit more difficult than with traditional flour. Hemp seed meal does not contain gluten, which makes it less effective. This can be, however, e.g. balance with arrowroot (arrowroot).

Personally, I'm not a big fan of hempseed flour because it heats it, causing many nutrients to be lost.

RAW cannabis seeds

Later in this article, you'll find some great recipes based on raw (RAW) cannabis seeds that you do not need to heat up to preserve the nutrients.

Disadvantages of hemp seeds

Using hemp seed as a protein source is quite expensive. If you do not necessarily want to eat only vegetable, it is much cheaper (also) to eat animal protein sources such as meat, fish and eggs. Other good and cheaper sources of vegetable protein are quinoa, nuts and legumes.

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