Hemp Seed Nutrition Facts

Nutritional Values ​​of Hemp Seeds

Here you will find nutritional information for cannabis seeds. The nutritional values ​​of other foods can be found in the search above or in the calorie table

Nutrition facts per  100g

Protein  33.0g

fat         44.0g

carbohydrates  12.0 g

of which sugar  1.0g

fiber   5.0g

Energy density  5.9 kcal / g

alcohol  0.0g

Calories  586 kcal / 2,455 KJ

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Energy distribution of hemp seeds

Energy of nutrients for 100g

Protein  132 kcal / 553 KJ

Fat         396 kcal / 1659 KJ

Carbohydrates  48 kcal / 201 KJ

of which sugar  4 kcal / 17 KJ

Dietary fiber    10 kcal / 42 KJ

Alcohol             0 kcal / 0 KJ

Energy density  5.9 kcal / g

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Superfood hemp

Superfood Hemp Information and Calories / Nutrition Facts

The plant hemp (latin cannabis) is probably known to many people as an illegal intoxicant in most countries. The plant actually proves to be a kind of all-round talent and can not only be used as a construction product and for the production of clothing, but is also valued for its vital substances.

Botanical features of hemp

Hemp is a perennial plant that belongs to the genus Rose. The leaves are usually in a kind of hand shape on the stem, their outer edge is fringed with small teeth. Hemp usually has either female or male flowers, the male flowers are found in loose panicles and the female in so-called grapes.

Most of the ingredients that cause a rauschzeugende effect occur exclusively in female plants. Accordingly, for example, male plants are preferably grown in the cultivation of commercial hemp. Depending on the purpose of use, different parts of the hemp plant are preferred at harvest. In general, hemp proves to be a very robust and, above all, easy-care plant that can thrive magnificently under the right conditions.

How is hemp in the trade?

There are numerous ways to find hemp in the trade, where it occurs in each case on the desired field of application. As a crop hemp is used for example for the production of textiles, which in turn can be purchased in various shops. Cannabis as an intoxicant on the other hand must not be legally distributed within Germany. However, in other countries, such as Uruguay, the use of cannabis as an intoxicant is legal and in other countries it can be consumed for medical purposes.

But apart from that, there are also a whole series of other products that have primarily focused on making the numerous nutrients enriched in hemp plants accessible to the human organism. For this there are, for example, the seeds of hemp to buy, which bring a large portion of the healthy ingredients with it. Hemp leaves, which can be infused, for example, as tea, are sold. Due to the fascination for hemp, there are also various other products such as lollipops or other sweets that are provided with hemp flavor.

Ingredients of hemp

When it comes to the ingredients of hemp, basically two different groups have to be distinguished. On the one hand hemp contains the pure vital substances and on the other hand the so-called pharmacological agents, which are responsible, for example, for the generated intoxication. The latter are primarily cannabinoids, which should not be considered further below.

Instead, the various nutrients in hemp are in the foreground. The seed of the plant contains more than 20 percent of proteins, which are responsible in humans, for example, for the immune defense. In addition, hemp contains over 30 percent of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are also well tolerated by humans. Magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc and various vitamins are also found in the small seed pods.

Effect of hemp

In addition to the medicinal or therapeutic effects of using cannabis in pain patients, for example, it is the various nutrients that hemp contains that make it so precious. Even a handful of seed capsules a day ensures a balanced supply of various vital substances. In addition, the use of hemp in muscle building can help.

History of hemp

Many ancient cultures have already rely on the consumption of hemp thousands of years ago. However, hemp as a nutrient-rich plant is now frowned upon in many parts of society, presumably primarily due to the intoxicating effect that may be caused by cannabis use. However, these depend on the type of consumption.

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