Hemp Seed Oil For Skin

Hemp Oil for The Skin

Hemp oil is an excellent oil for the skin and hair. It can not only help with skin problems, but it nourishes the skin and makes it soft and supple. The advantage of hemp oil is that it penetrates the skin quickly and without residue and leaves no greasy film behind. It can be used on dry skin as well as on sensitive or oily skin. However, oily skin should be treated sparingly with hemp oil and daily use is not recommended. For more information about dry / oily skin and how to treat it, visit belladerma.de.

Thanks to its great ingredients, it not only protects the skin against dryness damage, but also strengthens the cell membrane and can accelerate wound healing in cases of inflammation and eczema.

Protect the skin with hemp oil

The cosmetics industry has also discovered the benefits of hemp oil and offers more and more care products with hemp oil. However, only small amounts of hemp oil are contained here and the chemical additives outweigh. But if you want to do something good for your skin, you should simply rub it in with native organic hemp oil. Not only does it become tender and supple, it also provides important minerals. In addition, hemp oil also contains vitamin E, which is especially important for the regeneration of the cells.

Hemp oil also has an antimicrobial and antiseptic effect and may even have an anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, the skin is not only maintained, but at the same time protected.

Maintain hands and feet

Hemp oil is also ideal for hand and foot care. On the one hand, it makes chapped or dry areas soft and supple again, and on the other hand, it makes the cornea more supple and easier to remove. So if you want to get your feet summery for the sandals, you should not miss the valuable hemp oil.

To better remove the cornea, a foot bath should be performed first. Then rub in the feet and affected areas with hemp oil, leave for about 10 minutes and gently remove the cornea. This can be repeated as often as necessary.

Even dry cuticles can be treated with hemp oil. The high-quality oil absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy film and can strengthen and protect the cuticle from the inside and outside.

The right care after sunbathing

Hemp oil is also an excellent after-sun care. It provides the skin with moisture after sunbathing and spoils it with fat, minerals and vitamins. It is mainly the vitamin E to emphasize, which ensures the regeneration of the cells. But the fatty acids also help the skin to regenerate and also protect the skin from the inside and outside.

Another important effect is the antimicrobial and antiseptic effect of hemp oil. Small wounds or mosquito bites are protected against inflammation and infection. But also allergic reactions or eczema on the skin are mitigated with hemp oil.

Prevent skin diseases

Hemp oil not only nourishes the skin perfectly, but also protects it from eczema, infection or inflammation. Also, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis can be mitigated with the valuable hemp oil, as it provides the skin with important nutrients and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, the symptoms can be significantly alleviated and further relapses of the disease may also be less strong and intense. Of course, this varies from patient to patient.

If you want to protect your skin from skin diseases, you should not miss the hemp oil. It is important, however, that you fall back on a natural organic hemp oil. This is the only way to be sure that it is 100% natural and also free of pesticides and chemical substances

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