Reasons Why Every One Should Eat Hemp Seeds

6 Reasons To Eat Hemp Seeds

Hemp the new superfood!

Why should you eat cannabis seeds?

It is worth mentioning that the fact that it is nothing new for humans to consume useful hemp as a foodstuff.

Rafael Dulon of Hanffarm said at the EIHA 2016 conference in Cologne that “hemp is a superfood with an incredibly high concentration of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats, healthy enzymes, and phytonutrients.” He also emphasized the “absence of artificial ingredients, hormones, pesticides, chemicals, toxins, cholesterol, or unhealthy fats in hemp. ”

Nutzhanf is full of good ingredients and unlike its relative marijuana, you can not get “high” from useful hemp because it contains THC values ​​below 0.2%, so it does not have a psychoactive effect.

Otherwise, however, it contains exactly the same curative and soothing properties, as already summarized in an earlier article.

Hemp seeds (sometimes called hemp nuts) are packed with ingredients that are important to humans, such as:

All 20 amino acids, including essential human 9, fiber, essential fatty acids like omega 3 and 6, vitamins, minerals, folic acids and iron.

1.Fiber Source – Digestive System

Hemp seeds are a source of fiber, which is very important for a functioning digestive system and unfortunately we do not eat enough these days. I can say from my own experience that I notice a significant difference in my digestion when I have eaten hemp seeds or other hemp products.

2.Protein Source – Health of Muscles

Hemp seeds are a wonderful source of protein, even for vegans and vegetarians. Proteins are important for us to repair and build muscle. Marlena says: “As a runner, I would no longer want to give up my hemp protein powder or GreenSnake® hemp juice after the run.” Hemp has an anti-inflammatory effect (sore muscles!) And the proteins help with muscle building and repair.

3.Fatty Acid Source – Immune System and Cell Health

Hemp contains a lot of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are responsible for oxygenating the cells in the body. More oxygen in the cells means healthier, better functioning cells, which in turn means we are less vulnerable to viral infections or the like. because our immune system is stronger.

4.Fatty Acid Source – Anti-Inflammatory

Hemp seeds contain twice as many omega-6 fatty acids as omega-3 fatty acids. This ratio is perfect to be anti-inflammatory in the body.

5.Fatty Acid Source – Regulates blood glucose levels and energy levels

The combination of healthy fatty acids and fiber help the body regulate blood sugar levels. This in turn leads to balanced energy levels, without energy low.

6.Essential fatty acid source – reduces cholesterol levels

High levels of healthy fats help lower levels of unhealthy fats and also help reduce cholesterol levels.

Incidentally, cannabis seeds are also wonderfully suitable for allergy sufferers because they contain no lactose or gluten and no allergies to hemp seed are known. So all who otherwise have to do without nuts, can satisfy your hunger for nuts here!

The small miracle bombs are already available for purchase in most health food stores, organic markets and on the Internet. There are cannabis seeds naturally or whole, or as peeled hemp seeds, in which the fiber-rich hemp seed husk was removed.

Hemp seeds are especially delicious toasted!

If you have more experience with the beneficial effects of hemp seed or other hemp products, please let us know!

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