Hemp Oil Vs Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil and hemp seed oil – The benefits

Hemp seed oil provides important nutrients and is therefore a valuable dietary supplement. Hemp seeds contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and consist of more than 30% fat.

Rich in vitamin E

100g of hemp seed contains about 6mg of vitamin E. It helps regulate cholesterol and hormone levels and promote skin health.

Contains phosphorus

Phosphorus is important to keep bones and teeth healthy and to eliminate toxic substances from the body. Hemp seeds are known as an excellent source of phosphorus. 100g hemp seeds contain over 1000mg of phosphorus. That's more than the body has to absorb.

Rich in Potassium

Potassium is a very important mineral. Its main task is to relieve stress and anxiety. It also ensures the normal functioning of the heart and kidneys. 100g of hemp oil contain almost 900mg of potassium.

Good magnesium supplier

The human body needs magnesium for energy, to reduce muscle pain, to protect the heart and to prevent migraines. Hemp contains more magnesium than the daily amount consumed. It contains 400mg per 100g.

Contains vitamins B1 and B2

Vitamin B1 is important for a healthy nervous system and it also supports the health of the oral cavity, skin, liver and eyes. 100g of hemp seeds contain 1.2mg of vitamin B1. This vitamin also helps the body to gain energy. The daily requirement is around 1.7mg. Hemp seeds therefore help to meet the daily requirement for vitamin B1.

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