Hemp Seed Oil in Cancer

With Hemp Oil Against Cancer – Can the Oil Really Help?

Cancer – scarcely a disease is so notorious and dreaded, and rightly so. Unfortunately, suffering is one of the leading causes of death worldwide – and the trend is rising. If you or a relative has received this diagnosis, the shock will be great. But even when you are healthy, you are actually trying to prevent everything from becoming a victim one day. Accordingly high is the interest in funds that promise to drive away or prevent the disease. One substance often referred to in many circles is hemp oil. But what does it mean. Does hemp oil really help against cancer?

A treacherous disease

Hemp oil: promising, but not a miracle cure

Preventive effect as an antioxidant

Hemp oil in cancer treatment


A morbid illness

In addition to cardiovascular disease, cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide: The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 9 million people die each year from cancer. Due to increasing life expectancy in developed countries and population growth in many parts of the world, this number is expected to rise again in the coming years.

Cancer is a very complicated topic because there are many variants of the disease that can occur in virtually all parts of the body. Accordingly, it is virtually impossible to give general tips for the prevention or treatment of the condition. Basically, however, many cancers can be thwarted in advance. With a healthy diet, a lot of sports and the elimination of vices such as nicotine and alcohol could be prevented, according to estimates by the WHO, about 30 to 50 percent of all clinical pictures.

Anyone who is still ill, but unfortunately this does not help. And even those who are afraid of getting sick later can only do a limited job with such a situation. Therefore, many swear by very special means, such as Hemp oil.


But one thing first: Cancer is a serious disease. No remedy in the world, certainly not a natural remedy, is recognized by medicine as an effective cure. So if you put on a particular substance as a cure for cancer, you play with their lives. A cancer can only be properly treated by medical professionals.

Fortunately, oncology research, which is responsible for the development of anti-cancer drugs, is very committed: There is hardly a medical direction in which more is invested than in the fight against cancer. And natural methods of treatment are extensively studied.

One of them is hemp oil. In some alternative medical circles, it is virtually touted as a panacea for cancer. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you: there is no scientific evidence that hemp oil could completely cure a cancerous disease. However, this does not mean that it may not be helpful in prevention and treatment.


Hemp oil can certainly be used in the early prevention of tumor formation. Like other vegetable oils, it also has great antioxidant potential. Especially the abundant vitamin E provides this.

And as an antioxidant, hemp oil not only helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, it also protects the cells. This may, as suggested by scientific studies, lead to a lack of tumor formation.

As radical scavengers hemp oil can therefore be used very well. Ideally, you should take about 1 to 3 teaspoons daily for this purpose. However, for optimal effect, it is recommended that the oil be used in conjunction with other antioxidants, e.g. Vitamin C-containing foods.


Hemp oil for cancer

In cancer therapy, ie in the treatment of acute diseases, the research of hemp oil is still in its infancy. So there is no reliable knowledge about the effects or even drugs that contain hemp oil and have been approved for cancer treatment. However, there are results from early research and testing projects that suggest that hemp oil may well have a therapeutic effect.

In particular, CBD oil is being researched. It is hempseed oil enriched with cannabidiol, a largely noise-free and legally available by-product of the hemp plant. As a dietary supplement, CBD oil is also available for free.


Of particular interest here is a research project run by Rostock pharmacologists. They have found that cannabinoids such as cannabidiol can help to cause tumor cells to burst.

In the treatment of particularly aggressive cancers – the researchers focused on lung and cervical cancer – it turned out that cannabinoids in conjunction with the body's protein TIMP-1 to destroy tumor cells and at least slow the spread of the disease.

A first promising message, however, unfortunately, this does not mean that you could already celebrate hemp oil as a cancer remedy. For a scientifically confirmed therapy is still a long way off, many large-scale clinical studies are still necessary for this.


While the benefits of cannabinoid hemp oil to fight cancer treatments is still promising, but relatively unclear, medicine is on another level.

Because traditional and proven treatment methods such as radiation and chemotherapy are unfortunately associated with very strong side effects: Almost all patients suffer from pain and especially nausea.

And to alleviate these symptoms, cannabinoids are now commonly used. Because these dock directly to the cannabinoid receptors of the nervous system and not only help against neuropathic pain, so also gag reflex, nausea and nausea symptoms can be at least alleviated.

For many cancer patients this is a great relief as the side effects of the therapy sometimes affect the weakened body even more than the disease itself. However, this does not mean that such a form of pain therapy could replace a recognized cancer treatment.


Cancer is a treacherous disease, which in many cases unfortunately pushes modern medicine to its limits. Not surprisingly, researchers are exploring alternative treatment options and those affected are very interested in promising news. Due to its antioxidant effect, hemp oil in healthy people can help to strengthen the cells and thus prevent the formation of tumors. Cannabinoid-containing CBD hemp oil is already used to accompany chemotherapy and is increasingly being the subject of oncological research. This may all sound promising, but one thing should be clear: hemp oil can not replace medical treatment, because it is unfortunately not a miracle cure.

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