Hemp Seed for Dogs

Hemp for dogs – Hemp Oil, CBD oil and their Effect on Dogs

Hemp has a great future ahead of it and will be able to help many more dogs. What is in hemp everything and how it saves dog life:

Cannabis, marijuana, hemp – the differences

Many think of cannabis drugs (joints, weed, hash, grass, bong …). But there are differences.

Cannabis is the scientific name of hemp. The plant genus cannabis includes various types of hemp and their subspecies. There are hemp species that have an intoxicating effect due to the contained tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), such as the Indian hemp.

This intoxicating hemp is also known as marijuana, which means in this case the inflorescence of the female hemp plant when it was crushed. Those of you who smoke grass know what I mean. 😉

Then there is hashish. This is also made of hemp. For the production of hash, the resin of the female plant is squeezed out.

The intoxicating hemp has also gained medical importance. In mid-March this year, a change in the law came into force. Now doctors can even prescribe hemp. Previously, it required a very special, high-level extra permit to take hemp for medical reasons.

But this is not just about drugs, because for us dog owners, especially the useful hemp is interesting. This is quite legal in this country, if grown subject to authorization.

Hemp and the effect of hemp oil on dogs

Hemp contains hardly any more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and therefore has no more intoxicating effect. You can find useful hemp not only as fibers in clothing, but also in bread rolls and bread, in cereals, as oil and in bird food.

He has many health benefits that are not only, but especially in the seed. A mature hemp seed consists of over 30% oil. This hemp oil has a perfect ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and, in contrast to many other oils, contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and stearidonic acid (SDA).

Normally, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) must first be synthesized from linoleic acid, but it has such a strong positive effect that it is only beneficial to consume it directly. It is anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive and plays an important role in nerve stimulation, especially in the brain.

Stearidonic acid (SDA) also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It is otherwise found only in very few foods, e.g. in the seeds of blackcurrant.

In addition, hemp oil contains antioxidants and the vitamins A, C, E as well as some B vitamins.

Hemp oil has a positive effect on the entire metabolism. It promotes u.a. The immune system, improves skin and coat texture, supports allergies and autoimmune diseases, skeletal problems and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Also Tanja from the house Resi with her seven dogs uses hemp oil:

I like to use hemp oil as an alternative to omega 3-6-9 oil because my dogs sometimes can not cope with the amount of fish in the omega 3-6-9 oil. For my allergic person, it is also very good, because it supports the cell metabolism, the immune system and coat and skin. Right here are his construction sites and after a long time of detoxification and a long time with special oil from the vet, we have found a very good way here, that it works.

Tina also uses hemp oil:

I started giving hemp oil when my dog ​​started to lose a lot of coat when he was older and he looked more and more scruffy. Otherwise he was actually fit for his 9 years. After about six weeks, you could see clearly how his coat was shining and denser. He's also much agile and plays with other dogs since then.

Popular hemp products:

Organic hemp oil, cold pressed from Germany *

Cold-pressed hemp oil from Aniforte *

Hemp powder from hempetito *

True Hemp ™ Treats – Hemp Treats Test

The company True Leaf Pet is guilty of having started to hunt dogs for me. It approached me and asked if I would like to try their new treats, the True Hemp ™ Chews.

Interestingly, I found her. Can such a treat affect the behavior of my dog ​​(Calming), really support old dogs (Hip + Joint) and would I ever notice an improvement of the general condition of my dog ​​(Health)?

The dog treats True Hemp ™ Treats are grain-free and of a soft consistency. They taste spicy with a slightly bitter aftertaste and are slightly fibrous (of course I have tried them). In a 50g bag are a good 20 treats in it. The price is just under 5 euros per bag. They are now offered in numerous online shops and also in the local pet shop I have seen them.

The variety Calming is used for calming and relaxing, Health promotes the immune system with its antioxidants and Hip + Joint is especially for dog senior and supports u.a. the bone metabolism.

Unfortunately I can not report any clearly visible effect. I secretly hoped that it would be the variety “Calming” that would cause something in my dog ​​that I would perceive from the outside. On some days, I felt that Wally was more laid back than usual, but whether it was the effect of the treats or just “a good day,” I can not say. Probably the amount we tested was too low. They tasted good to Wally, though. Also our cat was very interested. She joins the ranks of interested parties for the hemp feed supplement for cats, which is expected to launch True Leaf in 2017.

The following bloggers have also tested True Hemp ™ Treats:

Dog Ben Charly

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My thanks go to Kerstin Ehlen, whom I have contacted, in order to secure myself from testing the treat for the “harmlessness” of the ingredients. Kerstin is a dog nutrition consultant and receives i.a. also phytotherapy in their work. From her you can have nutrition plans put together.

CBD oil for dogs

CBD oil is also made from the useful hemp plant, but has little to do with normal hemp oil. That makes it all the more interesting because the effect can save dog life.

CBD (cannabidiol) is extracted from the flowers of the hemp. Like the THC is a cannabinoid and acts on the cannabinoid system. The cannabinoid system is part of the nervous system, which owes its name to cannabis.

The cannaboid system includes several types of receptors that respond to cannabione. Some of them are located in cells of the immune system and bone build-up and breakdown. The others are mainly in the nerve cells – in the cerebellum (motor and higher cognitive processes), in the hippocampus (limbic system) and in the basal ganglia (willpower, drive).

CBD oil is commercially available and legal. These are oil blends, mostly with hemp oil, sometimes with olive oil. However, these CBD oil blends contain 5-10% CBD. It is more expensive than normal hemp oil and only available in small quantities. But these are quite sufficient, because while you can use hemp oil as a food, CBD oil is only taken or administered drop by drop.

CBD oil is not “high” and has a positive effect on many diseases thanks to the calming effect on the nervous system. In humans, it is mainly used for anxiety disorders, mental health problems, sleep disorders, skin problems, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, pain and epilepsy.

In dogs, CBD has the same effect as humans. But on the actual effect of the CBD oil and how it saves dog life, someone can describe better affected.

An account of Sylvia and Beaglemädchen Tibi from the blog Beagle Tibis Leben:

Epilepsy of my bitch and a tremendous amount of help.

It was a very normal day long ago … until the evening.

My bitch shook an epileptic seizure for hours after the next.

How helpless I was there. I did not know about epilepsy in dogs.

In no time we were at our vet and spent hours there. Hours full of fear.

Then the bad situation was, if the seizures are not interrupted, it will be too much for her heart … or another medication, could have brought my bitch over the rainbow bridge …

We decided on the injection, the medication and finally, finally, the seizures stopped.

Tears streamed down my face.

My bitch was powerless in the camp and I was lying next to her … holding her in my arms.

Then we could drive home and it followed days and nights I spent at her side. Luckily, the freezer and storage rack was well filled.

Even better, my best friend stayed connected with me on the phone for many hours at night. Was just there …

There were no more seizures for 9 months … I hoped it would stay that way … a misconception.

The seizures came again …

Doctor visits, pills, blood tests … examinations …

The seizures became more frequent, as emergency medications I had diazepam enemas …

It came the day when the vet said I should consider leaving the bitch …

The drugs were not exhausted at the time …

Between the seizures it was the little one very well. She played with her dog friends, went around, sniffed, played …

In me, two souls argued …

At home, I rummaged on the internet … instead of sleeping at night, I searched …

I came across studies:

* Cannabis in epilepsy University of Tübingen.

* CBD oil

* What diseases helps CBD oil

* Medications for epilepsy

* Causes epilepsy

Side effects of CBD oil

Oh, I searched so much and decided to try CBD Oil 5%. What did we have to lose? NIX !!!

Every drug has a list of side effects that make you feel unwell.

With CBD oil, there is only the side effect, if too much is given, the dog (and other animals) or people will get tired. Nothing else.

I started with a drop in the evening and early.

This increased in the course of time to 4 times 4 drops and if my bitch gets pre-fits (twitching), there are extra 4-5 drops of CBD oil.

And honestly, seizures 1-2 times a week and then 2-4 consecutive seizures with 20-30 mg diazepan were soon a thing of the past.

I hope it stays like this.

Now the little one needed 10 mg diazepan for the first time after 7 months because of a small seizure.


It is clearer in the head, more mobile, the enlarged atrium compared to the investigations 2.5 years earlier, much better. She is doing better, despite spondylosis …

The seizures have reduced, so between 10 – 20 days a seizure of 5-10 seconds.

The vet was happy with me about this development.

Of course, the veterinarian's medication will continue.

I am happy that I have not given up and that it is legal to order this CBD oil online because it is THC-free.

I hope I encouraged you not to give up and showed you on the example of my bitch, which magic agent CBD oil is 5%.

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