Hemp Seed Milk for Babies

Can I give my baby hemp milk?

Hemp milk is a milky substance made from hemp seed, from the same seeds that grow in marijuana when allowed to grow. As an alternative to milking, some mothers ask if they can give this to their child, or if there are any reasons not to do so.

First on the fact that this is obtained from hemp seeds is the first order of the business. Next, you'll want to look at the list of benefits that had to be gained by drinking hemp milk over other forms of milk, including cow's milk. First, it's dairy-free, which is good for babies who show sensitivity to milk. Second, it has protein that is nice for your baby, and it's good to find protein sources, aside from animal protein.

It does not have any cholesterol, and it's filled with vitamins and minerals, including all of the amino acids that the human body needs to function optimally. For more benefits, and how to make your own, check out this page from Global Healing Center.

Can I give my baby hemp milk? Answer: From 7-8 months

Regarding the legitimacy of hemp milk, it's completely legal, as it does not contain the substances that marijuana does, and you can not get high from it the same way to drink you can get high from eating pot brownies. This means that you do not have to worry about buying it or giving it to your baby, and you can look at it and compare it to other milks that are made from nuts, seeds and plants, such as almond milk. or soy milk.

It won t make your baby high

The first thing that probably raises an eyebrow is the thought that maybe your baby might feel some of the effects of hemp seed. But cannabis seeds do not contain the part of marijuana that produces the psychoactive effects, so you do not have to worry about your baby being addicted to the substance, or being a gateway to other drugs.

Omegas for baby

Hemp milk contains important omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 that play a role in your child's development, and they pose no danger to babies with mother allergies. Overall, it's a very well-tolerated drink with a rich taste that many babies appreciate. You may not be too familiar with hemp milk as a beverage, because only recently has it begun to gain in popularity, and especially in the health food circles, to find almost exclusively in health food stores. Maybe it will make it more into the mainstream as the benefits become more apparent to the general population.

Continue to breastfeed

It's important to note that you should not stop your breastfeeding efforts instead of milk or milk alternatives. You'll want to continue to supplement your baby's diet with breastmilk even if they're eating solid foods and it does not seem like they no longer need it. That's because breast milk gives them everything they need in a one-stop-shop kind of format. You can try to give your baby the best baby food in the world, but you could still rely on nutritional gaps that the breast milk covers well. Let nature be your guide and as long as you still produce and your baby accepts it's no reason to stop.

Further considerations

Getting good quality hemp milk is important if you decide to give it to your baby. Just like any other product, quality varies from brand to brand. That's why you want to make sure to read the label on the package to see what it contains. Organic would be your best bet, but apart from that sure that it does not contain fillers or additives that are unnatural. You still want to give your baby the highest quality food no matter what you give them.

Hemp milk can be added to your baby's diet along with other healthy foods when ready for it. It does not set time that it is okay to have to keep in line with your baby, knowing when to re ready for certain foods, tastes and textures. Keeping a food diary helps keep a record of things that they like and do not like, and you can always try re-introducing foods at a later date if they did not do them the way they used to.

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