Hemp Seed Butter Benefits

Hemp butter Benefits :

Usually, hemp butter is made from sweet cream butter and hemp seeds, which are ground and mixed into the butter. The addition of hemp seed gives the butter a creamy-green color and a special, bitter-fresh and slightly smoky flavour nuance.

Tastes great with rye bread and salad. Not infrequently hemp butter is used by chefs to highlight the taste of products: the hemp sets a particularly pleasant accent. Hemp butter also serves as a side dish for many traditional Latvian dishes. Here it should be pointed out for the sake of clarity that hemp butter does not contain THC, which in other products can cause the anesthetic effect attributed to hemp.

Hemp butter is available at the so-called farmers and organic markets and shops as well as at other outlets selling organic and agricultural products.

Hemp butter tastes good and is very healthy. The hemp seeds serve as a very good remedy for body cleansing. They contain unsaturated fatty acids and proteins, which are very necessary for the organism. In addition, hemp proteins are easily absorbed by the body because they resemble the proteins present in human blood. Hemp seeds have been widely used in asthma, glaucoma, rheumatism, and arthritis. They were also consumed during Lent, because the seeds served as a substitute for meat and dairy products.

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