CBD Oil in our Food: Is It Effective or Not?

Excess of everything is not good; it can be money, power, happiness, poverty, or anything else. It is always imperative that whatever we do or posses it should not be without some limitations.When talking about substances like the CBD or marijuana, they have numerous health benefits subject to the conditions that the compound is used with restraint.

CBD or Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant along with 103 other compounds. The primary compound found in the cannabis Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the only element which is psychoactive and generates a soothing sensation when ingested or applied. Scientists have been researching on CBD to explore its benefits for the human body.

The main difference between the mind-altering compounds and THC is that it does not exhibit any kind of unconscious or “high” reaction on the person; instead, its distinct properties have allowed the doctors and other practitioners to inject the compound in food, oil, making medicines out of them among other uses.

All across the USA, various restaurants are preparing dishes with CBD in them, and this trend is gaining popularity in all those states where CBD has got FDA approval. From cuisines to mocktails and other drinks, it has been used in all of them, and the CBD oil benefits for the people range from pain relief to freedom from anxiety.

Let’s discuss how CBD can be beneficial for the users:


1.Pain: in the human body the neurons are responsible for transmitting messages to the brain about each and everything that goes into the body. Another system that regulates pain and other sensations in the body is called the endocannabinoid system or ECS. Along with regulating pain, this system is also responsible for stimulating appetite and sleep. When an individual experiences pain in any part of the body these neurons associated or receptors associated with the ECS send a message to the brain, therefore, the person has to bear the pain.

CBD induces an intense sensation on the ECS system and reduces the receptor's ability of transmission thus it does not allow the brain to comprehend that the body is undergoing pain. CBD does all this by not posing any threat to the brain, and it also does not have any mind-altering impacts. The pain caused by diseases like arthritis and sclerosis has been found to be reduced by usage of this compound.

2.Anxiety: uneasiness, intense feeling of fear these are some of the traits that indicate the prevalence of anxiety among the individuals. Anxiety has increased the prevalence of other disorders that pose a risk to the health and mental stability of the individuals. Treating anxiety with conventional medicines leads to many other side effects like insomnia, sexual dysfunction, extreme and recurrent headache, and drowsiness. Added to this the conventional medications from the benzodiazepines group are known to be addicted to the users. Compared with this the CBD oil for anxiety does not pose any such risk on the user, and it is safe for the health. The soothing effect of CBD allows the person to get relief from anxiousness and leads to recusal of fear from the mind and ensures a healthy lifestyle. CBD affects serotonin a compound which regulates the mood and behavior of the individual. This action on serotonin due to CBD infuses a fear relieving sensation and ensures that the person is not anxious in grave situations that otherwise drives uneasiness in the mind and body.

3.Relief from skin issues: Acne, wrinkles, marks, dark circles all these are some of the serious skin related problems that can become a bane for the individual. When ingested through drinks and other cocktails it is found that CBD has lead to a decrease in skin related problems. Acne is caused by various like bacterial infections, exposure to contaminated substances, or due to excessive production of sebum. CBD oil for acne has various benefits like checking the sebum production in the body, other benefits include that CBD is anti-inflammatory thus it does not allow the acne to develop and exhibit their true form on the human skin.

4.Heart benefits: the main culprit for heart-related problems is blood pressure; a person suffering from high blood pressure is vulnerable to various risks like stroke, heart attack and other metabolic syndromes that pose a grave threat to the cardiovascular system of the body. In the midst of all the medicines and treatment that target the specific problems, CBD targets the main culprit that is high blood pressure and keeps it under control. CBD oil for heart has proved to be a natural compound that does not allow the blood pressure to increase up to alarming levels even the circumstances entails a high increase in the blood pressure. Another major benefit of regulating the blood pressure that it inhibits the arousal of stress and anxiety related problems within the body and mind.

5.Neurological benefits: using CBD for treating several neurological conditions is being researched by various institutes. Scientists are working to develop a correlation between the neurological anomalies the CBD’s ability to control the effects of these neurological disorders. As CBD oil uses has negligible mind altering capability does not pose any risk to the already weak mind and body of those ridden by these psychological disorders. According to popular research conditions like the Post-traumatic stress disorder, Panic attack, OCD conditions among others did not exhibit grave risk to the individual after ingesting CBD. This small ray of hope in this field is a major breakthrough and will help the doctor’s community to develop treatment and cures for some of the life-threatening conditions in the coming future.

Despite these and several other benefits, CBD is banned in various countries, and other countries have only allowed their usage if the product is sourced from industrial and authentic hemp. It is imperative that the authorities recognize its importance and benefits before sealing the fate of a legible and effective component and considering it on the same platform as other drugs.

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