The Safe and Effective CBD Extraction Method

In recent years a heavy debate has been going on in the society regarding the efficacy of CBD as curing element or as CBD just another mind-altering compound that is sold under the pen name of having several benefits. Scientists and doctors have a varied opinion on this compound which is extracted from the cannabis plant which has 104 substances one of which is Cannabidiol. A common moniker for this plant is cannabis or marijuana. Although it is illegal in various nations, some States in the USA has made it legal, and others have allowed its sale if the cannabis is sourced from industrial hemp.

Industrial hemp because here the cannabis plant grown is bereft of THC, a compound found in this plant which is highly psychoactive and is the major component which makes individuals high. The other types of cannabis plants are the ones which have a high concentration of THC, and the last one has high CBD and low THC. In all these three types of plants CBD is present, and due to CBD oil uses and benefits, there is the separation in the extraction process because the aim to magnify the importance of CBD as curing and treating compound for various diseases and ailments. The plants which have high THC levels are more difficult and costly to process, and they also require sophisticated machinery and extraction techniques. In other types of plants in which the THC concentration is low, the process is equally less complicated and does not entail higher extraction costs and machinery.

The motive of extraction of Cannabidiol from the plants which have a high concentration of THC is first to remove this mind-altering compound and then begin the process of extracting CBD. The extraction process of plants in which there is no or little concentration of THC is relatively easy, let’s discuss these simple and easy methods of CBD oil extraction.

1.By using Liquid Solvents: firstly the plant is chopped or trimmed into small fragments, a liquid solvent like butane, hexane, alcohol or ethanol is added to these fragments. This liquid merely is allowed to travel through these fragments which remove the Cannabidiol traces from the plant. The resultant liquid than undergoes evaporation leaving behind a mix of chemicals and other flavors as oil.

This method of extraction may be easy and cost-effective, but there are certain issues by extracting oil through this method. For one, when the liquid solvent rushes through the fragments, it may extract other impurities along with Cannabidiol, in turn, reducing the quality of the CBD oil. Also, some solvents also extract the chlorophyll, and this makes the oil bitter in taste and also vulnerable to other impurities.

But above all, there is nothing that cannot solve these problems, and hence this method remains the most potent method to extract it.

2.Extraction with Carbon Dioxide (CO2): to extract CBD oil for pain or for any other purpose the second method that can be used is by allowing the CO2 to run through the fragments and then separating Cannabidiol from them to obtain the end product. The process goes like this, out of the three chambers in this method the first one has carbon dioxide in the solid state which is also called as dry ice. In this stage the pressure is high, and the temperature is very low which transforms it from a gaseous state into a solid state.

The second chamber is full of the cannabis plant fragments just like they were in the first liquid solvent method.  This solid dry ice then moves into the second chamber which has a relatively lower intensity of both the parameters, here the solid gas turns liquid, the state which is required for the process. This stage of carbon dioxide is also called supercritical stage as it is in this form that the element gets mixed with the CBD present on the fragments and after binding with the liquid contains CO2 and Cannabidiol concentration.

The last chamber is empty the parameters are set in such conditions that can turn the liquefied CO2 into a gas. The high temperature and low pressure allow carbon dioxide to ooze out as a gas leaving behind the CBD extracted from the plant fragments in the form of oil at the bottom of the chamber.

The significant benefit of this method is that it can also separate THC from CBD with a few tweaks in the temperature and pressure inside the chambers. Moreover, the amount of work to be done in this method cannot bypass the CBD oil benefits, and it certainly can be used to extract a higher and purer form of CBD from the plant.

3.Using oil for extraction: the last method for extracting Cannabidiol from the cannabis plant is done by adding oil to the mixture. Most commonly olive oil is used for the process, and this process is not new rather it has been practiced since ages. An added benefit of the oil extraction method is that it can be done even at home and one can have a homemade CBD oil for anxiety, depression, and heart diseases, etc,

Starting with heating cannabis for a certain amount of time, this heating process is called decarboxylating so that it activates the chemicals in the plant. Following this in another instance of heating the plant mixture is initiated, this time with olive oil poured into the mixture. The whole mix is heated for about 2 hours and at a temperature equal to 100 degree Celsius. This ensures that the CBD is mixed with the oil and individual can consume the CBD enriched olive oil and enjoy its benefits.

A major consideration entailing this method is that one can only use cannabis obtained from hemp where THC proof cannabis is grown and cultivated. Otherwise, heating THC concentrated cannabis plant with the oil will lead to the inculcation of this psychoactive compound in the oil and effectuating the person who uses the oil into a mind-altering stage otherwise known as “high.”

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