What The Future Holds For CBD Oil?

The inception of CBD into the medicinal industry has threatened the putative efficacy of other medicines to effectively help the patients forego the symptoms and complications incurred due to the diseases. Today there are several medicines for heart ailments, psychological issues like stress, depression, PTSD among other and for a plethora of life-threatening conditions. All these medicines no matter how effective they can be but entails some or the other side effects for the user which further leads them to depend on medicines and the cycle goes on. The complexities of these medicines and their side effects lead the scientists to try some unconventional and old age methods like CBD oil extraction from the cannabis plant that can help the patients lead a healthy life.

Cannabidiol is a beneficial compound found in the cannabis plant, a breakthrough plant which has the potential to give relief from several ailments and conditions. The cannabis plant has a plethora of other compounds and elements that are not so beneficial and can also pose a grave threat to the humans when they use like the THC which a highly psychoactive compound and have mind-altering capabilities. Until now CBD has been used in various proportions in the food, drinks, as oil, and as tablets. But what will be its impact on the medical industry in the future, whether it will be legal in the entire world, can the bio-engineers develop an exclusive strain of the Cannabidiol compound and cultivate in the nursery? These are some of the questions that hold the future of CBD in peril.

1.What’s in the future: According to some sources by the next two years the CBD market will grow by almost 700% which makes it total worth at $2 billion and others have predicted a higher number than this. Hence one thing is for sure that the CBD business is bright for now. Some doctors and scientists have gone to some lengths to prove that CBD oil benefits make it as ‘the future of medicine.’ This stern faith in this compound ensures one thing that Cannabidiol has the potential to live up to its moniker and will undoubtedly play a significant role in the coming time.

Regarding the current status of cannabis, the world community and especially the USA congress is undergoing a heavy debate. For once they have made it legal with the condition that the THC compound concentration in the plant should be less than 0.3%, on the other hand, they have also made it a norm to obtain cannabis only from industrial hemp. Within this hemp marijuana is also grown which is an illegal drug; therefore a straightforward and single norm policy is needed to ensure that it has a bright and obstacle-free future. Added to this, another layer of confusion is that some authorities have made it CBD fully legal and others only allow it as a medicinal drug.

2.Impact on the pharmaceutical industry: CBD took the pharmaceutical industry by storm as it has infused confusion in everybody’s minds about its potential to take over the market. The pharma companies are now struggling to keep their medicines afoot and explaining to the customers that why they should take their medicine and not something which is prepared with the help of cannabis. The CBD oil uses and benefits have rendered their medicines as inefficient to treat the diseases like CBD, hence forcing them to inculcate this compound and make medicines out of it. The pharma companies are following what is called ‘if you cannot beat someone or something, you should at least join them.’ This adoption of the big medicine companies of CBD is a rather good thing because these companies entail a strong liability to fulfill the norms and regulations set by the laws; hence they will produce the highest quality CBD oil and distribute it in the market. A drug which has the potential to take over the large corporation’s profits should be handled with care because if it is allowed to grow unchecked by these pharma houses then not only will it take over their earnings but also it will reduce their future efficacy to bring out a new product. Moreover, people won’t trust their medicines when compounds like CBD oils are in the market.

3.The likely treatment by CBD: now, doctors and scientists have been researching on cannabis for a long time, and they have found various CBD oil benefits that make it a worthy drug for the coming time. At present according to the popular statistics and researches CBD has been known to give relief from pain due to its ability to endocannabinoid system that is responsible for telling the brain about pain in any part of the body by giving a message to the neurotransmitters. The CBD oil for pain targets this neurotransmitting and does not allow the ECS system to inform the brain about pain. Similarly, for anxiety related problems, the CBD does not allow the serotonin gland to release hormones that generate mood swings and instill a fear sensation through the body.

As per these considerations, one thing is for sure that CBD targets the ailment from its core, it either inhibits the transmission, or it reduces the intensity of that disease or ailment so that the patient does not exhibit its symptoms. Along with chronic pain and anxiety until now CBD have been known help patients with cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, stress, high blood pressure among other ailments.

The scientists are now hoping to help patients that are ridden with some other common and serious, life-threatening ailments like cancer, AIDS, strokes, diabetes, some psychoactive diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

If equivocally legalized CBD has a lot of benefits for the users and at present also in some states of the USA CBD inspired dishes and drinks are served across the restaurants. The only condition in these States is that the Cannabidiol which is used as an ingredient should be sourced from legalized and industrial hemp.

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